GSM Security System


Security is a big challenge everywhere because thefts are increasing daily due to the unsafe and insecure security systems in homes, commercial complexes and industries. Several conventional technologies are available to keep home properties safe from intruders, but most common smart home security systems work on wireless GSM communication.

Such systems provide security from natural, incidental, intended, unintended, accidental, and human-made problems by continuously monitoring homes with different sensory systems like motion, smoke, gas, door break detectors and fire alarm systems.

This system can be implemented with the use of the following functional blocks:

Sensor System: It consists of various sensors like IR sensors for detecting the human presence, an LPG gas sensor to detect gas leakage and, a smoke detector to detect the presence of fire. These sensing values are sent to the microcontroller with intermediate circuitry.

Microcontroller: This is the heart of the system wherein central processing of data takes place. The microcontroller collects the data or information from various sensors and compares it with appropriate prescribed limits. Receiving the sensor signals takes the corresponding course of action by sending commands to the output devices.

GSM Modem: GSM modem allows the computer to communicate over the mobile network through calls, SMS messages. It consists of a SIM card and operates over a subscription through a mobile network. It is a highly flexible plug-and-play device capable of connecting to a PC or any microcontroller’s serial port.

Final Control Devices: These devices include buzzers and LCDs display. Final control devices generate alarms using buzzers. All these devices act upon the command directed from the microcontroller.

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