Which is Best Responsive Website or Mobile Application for Your Business?

18 April 2017 / Development

We keep a close watch at the technological innovations that are going on all around the world. One of the most noteworthy changes

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Which eCommerce platform to go for?

15 May 2017 / Development

A few years ago, eCommerce was just a buzzword, but thanks to its enormous growth several other related business avenues/concepts have cropped up here are but a few examples, virtual enterprise, virtual bank....

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Top ten practices that help you manage projects better

02 June 2017 / Development

Place high importance on the team as they would work on the code and hence they need to know the exact aim, requirement and purpose of the client's point of view....

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Web Hosting Explained: How to find the perfect hosting service for your website

14 July 2017 / Development

We live in the age of The Internet. Today everyone wants their business to be online. Having an online website gives a face to your business and helps.....

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How colors determine your website's legibility

20 July 2017 / Development

If you are intending to create your official website, you must contact experts. But beware; the varying opinions of the experts about the design, look, technical specifications and other such details of a website can...

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Why it is Important To Switch Your Business Website To WordPress

30 July 2017 / Development

WordPress is managed by a progressive group of professionals who offer extended support to tackle the issues that frequently come in the form of buys. Here are more reasons for switching to this....

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Tips for making SEO friendly e-Commerce site to enhance ranking

07 August 2017 / Development

Below given some of the points should be considered to make the e-commerce site an SEO friendly...

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How To Build Your Attractive Webpage Using HTML 5

16 August 2017 / Development

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and current version of the HTML standard....

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Web Designer Vs Web Developer

25 August 2017 / Development

Most of the people use two terms "web designer" & "web developer", but they really do have two different meanings. You need to know the difference between these two terms and proficiency ....

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The Latest PHP Framework !!

08 September 2017 / Development

Laravel is a open source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. We can make our code or project more secure and easy in use in Laravel framework. It is....

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